3%: Brazilian dystopia in the dictatorship legacy

Official Netflix poster for 3 Porcento.

Official Netflix poster for 3 Porcento.

“3 Porcento” is the name of the first Brazilian original Netflix production that premiered this week. The full season can already be streamed on Netflix, in eight episodes of forty minutes each that I rushed through in one night, and some more moderate viewers marathoned in the span of three or four days. The second season has already been confirmed.

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Quick Overview

Genre: Dystopian Sci-fi.
Acting: 9/10, one point down because the leading actress is bland as stale bread.
Visuals: 9/10, beautifully constructed, great use of a thing budget.
Writing and plot construction: 7/10, overall excellent dialogues, some flaky plot points.
Originality: 6/10, it’s everything the Hunger Games wishes it could be but overall it’s nothing new within the genre.

Female characters: Numerous and varied though all cis and able-bodied, three out of six main characters are women, secondary characters include older women and bigger women. Generally well constructed and steering away from common clichés. There aren’t many relationships between women though, and definitely not any close friendships.
Racial diversity: Overall good. Main characters are evenly split among white and black characters, secondary and background characters include people of indigenous and Asian descent.
LGBT representation: None in the first season. There are no homophobic/transphobic moments, but no characters have been shown to be LGBT so far.
Disability representation: The leading disabled character, Fernando, is played by an able-bodied actor. Despite this, his characterization and arc are, in my opinion, an excellent deconstruction of some common tropes around disabled characters.

Warnings: Graphic violence. Graphic torture. Not very graphic child death. Not very graphic but explicit suicide. Fernando receives numerous ableist agressions across the show. A woman is violently assaulted by a group of various men in a setting that could be triggering for rape survivors.

Now, let’s jump into the review…

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