Same-gender couples with people of color in 2016


Chiron and Kevin
(Moonlight; USA; Dir. Barry Jenkins)

Lady Hideko and Sook-hee
(The Handmaiden; South Korea, Dir. Park Chan-Wook)


Kelly and Yorkie
(Black Mirror, 2011-still running; episode s03e04: San Junipero)


Amanita Caplan & Nomi Marks, and Hernando Fuentes & Lito Rodriguez
(Sense8, 2015-still running, the 2016 Christmas Special is on Netflix now)


Annalise Keating and Eve Rothlo
(How To Get Away With Murder; 2014-still running)

Kevin Cozner and Raymond Holt
(Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2013-still running)


Kisa and Manola Jimenez
(From Dusk Till Dawn, 2014-?, no renewal for a fourth season confirmed)

Root and Sameen Shaw
(Person of Interest, 2011-2016, ended/cancelled)


Kareema and Sofía
(No Tomorrow; 2016-?; first season will be up for streaming on Netflix in January 2017 and it might get a second season on Netflix depending on its views)

Corey and Mason Hewitt
(Teen Wolf, 2011-2017, last season airing now)


Amy Raudenfeld & Sabrina; and Noah & Shane Harvey
(Faking It; 2014-2016, cancelled, you can read the creator’s Goodbye Letter here)


Alexander Lightwood and Magnus Bane
(Shadowhunters, 2016-still running, second season premiered January 2nd 2017)

Anne Bonny and Max
(Black Sails, 2014-2017, last season airing January 29th 2017)


Chantall and Nova Bordelon
(Queen Sugar, 2016-second season confirmed, first season will be up for streaming on the WatchOWN app in January 2017)

Dizzee Kipling and Thor 
(The Get Down, 2016-?, second half of the first season will be streaming on Netflix during 2017, renewal hasn’t been confirmed)


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