Rape scenes in Black Sails

Trigger warning and timestamp for the rape scenes in Black Sails:


  • From 39.05 to 40.20 we see Max chained and bloody, talking to Vane.
  •  From 47.00 to 47.10 we get a glimpse of Vane’s crew grabbing her.
  • The scene of the gang r*pe begins at 48.00.
  • At 48.25 Eleanor comes in to rescue her, and fights with the men until around 49.30.
  • At 50.45, after the fight is over, Max talks to Eleanor and tells her she’s staying with Vane and his crew.


  • At minute 20.00 one of the men attacks Max.
  • The scene switches to a shot of Anne at 21:15.
  • Max’s screams can be heard until 21:35.

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