Pirating Tips™ for The People™


[image: an edit of Rami Malek in his Mr. Robot hoodie, leaning back with his arms crossed ver his chest and a smirk on his face. He’s standing before a sci-fi like background, with the word “hackerman” in front of him.]

The people being those who

  1. want to enjoy X media without giving money to shitty creators
  2. can’t afford to legally buy content
  3. live in a country where said content isn’t legally available
  4. want to decide whether X media is good before paying for it

Remember that indie artists deserve your economic support, and even if you can’t afford the cost of their comic/album/book, most independent creators online have some place where you can donate at least a dollar!

Also, if you can’t support mainstream media with your money, you can do it with promotion! If you’re trying to get a comic or show renewed because it has great representation but you can’t pay for it, find the hashtags that people are using to livetweet it, write reviews about it, share posts, give views to their official trailers on Youtube or follow their social media, and don’t forget to contact the producers/editors to tell them how much you love that piece of media!






Personally, I’ve always preferred torrenting over streaming. If you haven’t used a torrenting service before, my recommended torrent client is qbitTorrent, but μTorrent is also a popular and easy to use option. Torrent is a great option for laggy/slow internet connections!

If your country has strict piracy laws, consider paying for a VPN service before torrenting. Here, here and here you have some information on how it works and some recommended services and good deals you can get.

Stremio and Popcorn Time

Last, but never least, Stremio is a torrent-based streaming client that works way faster and smoother than most direct-download streaming services and is ideal for laggy/slow internet connections.

Popcorn Time works similarly, though I’m not sure if it’s torrent-based or not. In any case, it’s super quick, has an incredible amount of movies and comes with subtitles in multiple languages!

Other suggestions


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