My Top4 F/M rom-coms

Crazy Ex Girlfriend (currently in its second season): About a mentally ill lawyer who drops everything and moves across country following an ex boyfriend from when she was a teenager, convincing herself that it’ll be the cure for her depression and anxiety.

It has a Filipino romantic male lead, my second favorite bisexual male character in television, a very crude and very real talk about mental illness and toxic relationships, a good episode dedicated to abortion, and the coolest black girl in television. Also, it’s pretty body-positive, and Filipino fans have talked about how good the Chan family is written! The second season officially has no white cishet male characters in any lead roles, which is pretty damn rare.
It’s hilarious, though painful to watch if you have a hard time dealing with secondhand embarrassment. Though it’s a comedy, there are also very sad moments, since it doesn’t tiptoe around its talk about mental illness at all.

Warning: Rebecca’s relationship with Josh is straight up abusive (Rebecca is the abusive one, just to be clear). Though the show acknowledges this, it might be upsetting to watch.

No Tomorrow (currently in its first season): About a very uptight and anxious woman who falls for a dude who lives his life without limits because he’s convinced that the world is ending in nine months.

Though the main romance is painfully white and heterosexual, they are also super hilarious and sweet. The best parts of the show, still aren’t them, but Evie’s friends: Kareema, a pansexual Indian woman who has the best deadpan line deliveries; Hank, a black man who is also convinced that the world is ending; and Timothy, Evie’s ex who is trying to deal with his anxiety and the end of their relationship.
I haven’t finished the season yet, but so far there hasn’t been a single boring episode and the characters just get better with each episode.

Warning: So far, I’d think none.

Jane The Virgin (currently in its third season): A religious young woman who’s vowed to not have sex until marriage is accidentally inseminated with her boss’ sperm during a regular gynecologic control.

Jane Villanueva, her mom and her grandmother are by far the best characters in the show; there is no shortage of amazing characters and storylines. The show deals with reproductive rights and immigration, most of the main characters are Latinx and there is not a single actor who isn’t absolutely amazing.
The narrator, the Villanueva family and the incredible writing are all amazing, but my favorite thing is that the show (as an USAmerican remake of the Venezuelan telenovela “Juana la Virgen”) is super self-aware of the genre and is constantly pushing the boundaries of telenovela narratives while paying loving homage to Latinx culture.

Warning: The show doesn’t treat its queer characters great (basically they’re either villains or… constantly suffering), and it has a bad habit of putting abuse survivors back into abusive situations all the goddamn time (particularly Luisa and Petra). Also, it doesn’t have many black characters (Gina in afro-latina but her character isn’t) and out of the very small number, two are violent villains who die awful deaths. Not a good image.

Selfie (cancelled after the first season): A social-media addicted woman who has no real life friends and a very uptight man who doesn’t have very much of a life outside of work start working in “improving” each other, her teaching him to be more social and him trying to make her less self-centered.

First of all, the fact that John Cho plays a romantic lead should be enough to make anyone want to see this. But the show is incredibly sweet, the secondary characters are all amazing, and Eliza and Henry invented being Lawful Heterosexuals (also height differences).
There is not a single boring scene or episode in the entire show, which one should guess since John Cho is the creator and the lead, of course.

Warning: I remember feeling a little uncomfortable about Eliza’s relationship wit food and her body image, but otherwise I didn’t find it an upsetting watch at all.


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