I hope in Episode VIII or IX we get a scene where Finn is in a mission to a First Order outpost and, before setting a bomb to blow up a weapon or some shit, he calls for the Stormtroopers working in the area to evacuate.

(They’d be technicians or engineers, with some basic combat training but no older than Finn was when he ran, the blasters at their sides still in their holsters, none of them even trying to fire in Finn’s direction.)

I want one of them to take off their helmet and look at him, baffled, perplexed at the mere idea that anyone would care to spare their lives in the middle of this war, and ask “Who are you?”

I want Finn to respond, like Bodhi said “I am the pilot, I am the messenger,” I want Finn to call back to Kylo Ren’s insult during their fight and say, proud,

I am the traitor.

(The rest of the troopers take off their helmets too, follow him.)


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